8 Amazing Facts to Know before Choosing between ChatGPT and Bard

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The increasingly need to develop artificial intelligent chat bots gave birth to the existence of quite a few chatbots out of which both ChatGPT and Bard are. ChatGPT is an AI powered chatbot designed and produced by Open AI while Bard is also an AI powered chatbot designed and produced by Google. New users of chatbots often times have difficulties in selection of the most appropriate chatbot for their intended activity.

Each of these chatbots has its own peculiarities over the other and there is need for prospective users to be acquainted with them.  In this article, prospective users will be guided on things to know before selecting either ChatGPT or Bard for use.  The four advantages Open AI ChatGPT has over Google Bard are highlighted below:

  • Ability to process natural language: The strong design of its interactive texting system gives ChatGPT the ability to understand very tough sentences, idioms and expression in order to respond to questions asked as accurately as possible. Hence, ChatGPT is designed to respond to complex questions more coherently than bard.
  •  Response mode: ChatGPT has the ability to learn from previous conversation with people, but unfortunately bard cannot exhibit that act at this moment. ChatGPT can summarize and paraphrase responses, unlike bard which only responds in a simpler manner.
  • Mode of conversation: ChatGPT converses and responds in less conversational way but more in an informative way. While bard responds in a more conversational way than ChatGPT. That is, if the same question is asked from both chatbots, bard will respond and seek for clarity if the question is not well clear enough to be given an answer. But ChatGPT will respond to the question to the best of its ability, without seeking for more clarity even if not fully understood. 
  • Paraphrasing and Poem writing: ChatGPT has the ability to paraphrase and reflect keywords in the outcome than what bard does. Poets will also tend to find ChatGPT more amazing for writing poems than bard. ChatGPT writes poems in more concise and captivating manner.

Although the advantages of ChatGPT over Bard have been highlighted above, Bard also has its own peculiarities and advantages over ChatGPT and these are also listed below:

  • Accessibility to internet facilities: Google AI chatbot “Bard” has access to internet facilities while Open Sea AI chatbot “ChatGPT” does not have access to internet. This gives it an edge over ChatGPT by having opportunity in responding to questions in a more detailed and responsive manner. Real time information can be accessed via the internet connection. It should also be noted that, Bard is still been experimented and some real time information requested through it may not be 100% accurate for now, but with time, it will be more reliable than it is presently.
  • Availability on smart phones: Presently there is no ChatGPT mobile application, although it can be accessed using web browsers. Several people do not like web-browsing for some mobile activities, but would rather prefer a mobile application. Interestingly, there is plan in the pipeline by Google to incorporate Bard into several of its services and mobile applications.
  • Free plug-ins: They both have ability for plug-ins incorporation, but ChatGPT users can only access those plug-ins through monthly subscription. Amazingly, such service is free for Bard.
  • Ability to make virtual and voice responses: Not all expressions can be made using texts. There are some conversational expressions that need touches of images response or voice reply, because they make conversations more quick and interesting. These unique advantages of Bard over ChatGPT often attract more users to the former than the latter.

Conclusively, ChatGPT and Bard are two good artificial intelligent powered tools with their various peculiarities. Their differences arise from their developments to the reputation of companies that own them. It is therefore imperative for intending users to fully understand the functionalities and limitations of these AI chatbots before deciding on which to use. Knowing them will assist in the choice of which one to use, depending on what task needs to be executed.