Artificial Intelligence and Opportunities in Entertainment Industry

Leonardo Creative AI dancing in a night club 1

Entertainment industry is fast-evolving and lots of investment is needed in its operation and activities. It could also be a very rewarding investment opportunity, if necessary cost-effective steps are taken. Most people in this industry are still oblivious of ways by which AI powered tools can be used in the entertainment industry for the advantage of both the content creators and their lovely customers and audience.

Content creators are springing-up every day and numerous contents are displayed to the general public. Everyone wants to outshine one another and also stay relevant for as long as possible.
Artificial intelligence is a digital system that can be used in entertainment industry. Its importance and need is rapidly growing day-by-day, and has the ability to revolutionize the entrainment sector. Such that, it affects the way we produce contents and manner by which these contents are consumed by the public.

Below are eight areas where AI tools can be used:
• Content creators or artiste can create original images, music and videos using AI technologies. These technologies like; mage recognition, natural language processor to computer vision is available for use, depending on the intent of the content creator or the producer..

• Users can also personalize experiences such as viewing history of music and TV shows and their prioritizing their favorite programs by using AI algorithm tools. An existing example is the use of Google ads. It uses the viewer’s search history in showing related advertisements, by meeting both the demands of the viewer and content owner.

• Difficulties in making top-notch decisions such as; which actors are needed on a particular project, strategic marketing needed to reach targeted audience and which projects to commission by regulatory bodies.. These can all be analyzed using artificial intelligence tools.

• Cost of production can be minimized by reducing number of employees or contractors involved in activities such as; editing, language interpretation/subtitling and some other repetitive tasks which can be effectively achieved using AI powered tools.

• Gaming companies will be able to give their customers or all lovers of gaming technologies memorable and fascinating experiences using AI powered tools. These tools do make gaming activity more interactive and less stressful.

• Different people join the entertainment industry on a daily basis. Therefore, this is a sector that has a very competitive environment ragging from personalities, contents, location and profile. AI technology could bring healthy competition into the entertainment industry, by putting the players on their toes to bring out their best to the table and showcase to the world. Content creators will be able to identify the needs of their targeted audience, regardless of their locations and other accessibility barriers.

• AI tools can be used to identify and categorize cast crew and movie scenes to determine the exact genre for proper classification and grouping. It makes this process seamless and cost effective. This used to be a herculean task, but presently an effortless one with the use of AI tools.

• Regulatory bodies responsible for enabling that only good contents are displayed by their creators can use AI tools to identify necessary criteria such as (age of both the creator and viewers and making sure they meet required standards, their gender if necessary and the content itself to forbid any offensive intentions). This helps to sanitize the industry especially by controlling both the online media platforms and traditional media institutions.