The Evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) System and Its Impacts on Today’s Activities

AI disrupting US market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a digital system designed such that, it performs functions similar to humans. It can be programmed as an intelligent robot or even very intelligent robot depending on the intent of the programmer and what this robot is to be used for.

AI encompasses disciplines like; computer science and engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, philosophy, psychology and sociology. The infusion of the knowledge in these disciplines is used in the development of artificial intelligent powered-tools. AI can be designed to be simple or very complex digital systems to perform varying activities ordinary meant for humans. .Its developments are still in early stage and it is evolving daily.

AI can be used in virtually all areas of life such as: data science and analysis, forensics and crime detection, medical diagnosis, vision systems, language interpretation, advanced robotic engineering, gaming, speech and handwriting recognition, programming.

  • Medical Diagnosis: Medical practitioners can use specially-designed artificial intelligent tool to diagnose patients and ascertain their ailments for treatment. Examples are in medical imaging such as: ultrasounds, X-ray and CT scans. It can also be used to evaluate genetic information.
  • Vision Systems: These are computer systems designed to process virtually inputted data or information. Example of such practice is in weather monitoring, crop classification and security, pipeline security, detailed data inventory and pesticide control.
  • Language Interpretation: Several languages can be interpreted and translated using artificial intelligent tools.
  • Data Science and Analysis: AI can be incorporated in to data science to solve highly logical and complex data analytical problems.
  • Advanced Robotic Engineering: Very intelligent robots do have sensors and can react to stimuli such as: sound, temperature and weather conditions, heat changes, light, and pressure. They also have ability to remember things that happened on the past, and use their experience to inform present decisions. They can perform virtually everything intelligent humans do.
  • Gaming: Gamers love to enjoy fascinating moments while playing games and have memorable experience of such moments. Generative AI systems and Deterministic AI systems are the solutions to these quests from gamers. They both help in improving game development and its content, connecting more customers to gaming companies and also providing the room for endless innovations.
  • Forensics and Crime Detection: Faces of criminal can be accurately detected and recognized using AI powered facial recognition tools. This helps to facilitate crime fighting and bringing timely closure to a case.
  • Speech and Handwriting Recognition: Artificial intelligent systems can be powered to recognize and process speech and voice communication. A typical example is SIRI, where you talk to system and responses are by this system. They also have the ability to recognize handwritten texts both on the screen and paper.
  • Programming: Digital and computer systems can be programmed with AI such that, it solves both specific and generic problems and questions. AI also allows for modifications without altering the structures.
  • Interactive Systems: Artificial intelligent systems can perform activities of a personal assistant. Commands can be sent to it and they will be processed as quickly as possible. It enhances privacy for people who need personal assistant and also helps to meet the needs of repetitive tasks. Additionally AI can work for 24hrs, unlike human personal assistant that will go on break to rest.

In conclusion, the need for artificial intelligent robots is growing daily and its positive impacts on human lives and activities can neither be underestimated nor overemphasized. Therefore, adequate considerations must be given to the applications of intelligent robots in our daily activities.  The use of AI powered tools makes activities seamless and cost-effective.