Two Months After Launch, ChatGPT Attains 100 Million User Milestone


Analysts Report: ChatGPT, the AI Chatbot, Attains 100 Million User Mark Just Two Months After Launch

ChatGPT Achieves 100 Million User Milestone in Just Two Months, Outpacing TikTok and Instagram’s Growth. OpenAI, the Company Behind the AI-Powered Chatbot, is a Leader in Generative AI and Recently Announced a $20 Monthly Subscription Plan. Analysts See This Viral Launch as a Major Advantage for OpenAI in the AI Industry.”

OpenAI, Based in San Francisco, Plans to Use Subscription Revenue to Cover Computing Costs.

Microsoft Recently Made a Multibillion-Dollar Investment in OpenAI with Cash and Cloud Computing Services. Microsoft Also Recently Launched a Premium Version of Teams with AI-Powered Features Powered by ChatGPT, Including Automated Meeting Notes and Sectioned Recap Based on Meeting Transcript

Awesome!!! isn’t it.. We can expect to see huge Growth in the AI industry in the coming months..